Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) Technician/Instructor* 2734

***Overseas Position ***-- Functions as the Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) Technician/Instructor. Performs technical inspections, tests, maintenance, requisitioning, issuing, and repairing of aviation life support equipment and survival equipment, to include flotation equipment, over water gear, anti-exposure suites, first aid kits, survival vests and kits, radios, aircrew body armor, restraint harnesses, flight helmets, chemical and biological protective masks, oxygen masks, and other related ALSE equipment.  Train customer and contractor personnel as required in the use of all applicable technical publications, tools, test equipment, and special equipment applicable to this discipline, thereby enabling them to become effective Aviation Life Support Equipment Specialists.  The ALSE Manager shall manage all aspects of ALSE maintenance and training to include development and management of ASL and Bench stock and supply ordering through appropriate logistical channels.  The Instructor shall train Customer and contractor Aviation selected personnel on annual ALSE requirements per US Army Aviation regulations and procedures.  Former ALSE instructor preferred.  Prior experience working on Army Rotary Wing Aviation unique Aviation Life Support Equipment and experience working with Desert and over-water ALSE gear preferred.

Pilot-Rotary Wing
S3 Inc.
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Riyadh, Ar Riyad Saudi Arabia

Graduate of the US Army Aviation Life Support Equipment Course required.Five (5) years prior experience serving as an Aviation Life Support Equipment Specialist.Army Aviation Crew member certification required.Proficient in the use of technical manuals, aircraft maintenance forms, and other aircraft related documentation. Successfully pass an overseas deployment physical upon hire.Possesses a valid driver's license.