Bell 406 Maintenance Test Pilot* 2729

***Overseas Position ***-- The Maintenance Test Pilot (MTP) shall be responsible for performing Maintenance Test Flights (MTF), and Maintenance Operational Checks (MOC), conducting in-flight troubleshooting and verifications of aircraft to ensure airworthiness upon completion of extensive disassembly for maintenance, repair, replacement or modification of components or aircraft systems.  Flights typically associated with this position include determining the availability of required aircraft power, assessing power plant health and performance, and verifying the functioning of aircraft components and systems in accordance with applicable aircraft technical publications and predetermined requirements. The MTP shall perform general or limited test flights of aircraft when ground diagnostic tests cannot determine the safe and/or proper functioning of aircraft components or systems. The MTP shall conduct aircraft general and pre-flight readiness inspections.  The MTP shall successfully start, run-up, fly, navigate and safely land aircraft IAW applicable aircraft operators manual.  The MTP shall correctly complete all required aircraft maintenance forms, records, and aircraft log books entries.  The MTP shall perform mathematical calculations, performance data, and landing configurations of the type series. The MTP shall conduct briefings to flight crew members and maintenance personnel in support of the various MTP aircraft operations as stated above.

Pilot-Rotary Wing
S3 Inc.
Job Type: 
Riyadh, Ar Riyad Saudi Arabia

Must be Bell 406 qualified.