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Helicopter Maintenance Management Seminar

Event Dates: March 28, 2011 - March 29, 2011

Conklin & de Decker announce they will now offer Helicopter Maintenance Management – Essential Tools for Your New Role, a seminar aimed at providing helicopter maintenance managers the tools needed to master their challenging position.

This program had been presented by Conklin & de Decker for many years through the Helicopter Association International and will now be held for the first time in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area on March 28th & 29th, 2011.

The seminar will be presented by Brandon Battles, Vice President for Conklin & de Decker and Gary Potochnik, Vice President in charge of Certification and Quality Management at Rotorcraft Services Group, who have taught the course’s content for 15 years. The seminar will focus on:

The Principles of Management – Explain what the basic principles are and how to apply certain techniques when working with people and the tasks they perform.

Financial Management– Identify the reasons why budgets are important to an organization and how to build a budget for the maintenance department. A general overview of principles of finance and accounting will identify the maintenance department’s responsibilities within the overall organization.

Inventory– Explore the purpose of inventory and the various techniques that will make an inventory meet the organization’s operating objectives more effectively using fewer resources.

Information Systems– To manage, one must control. To control, one must measure. To measure, one must have information. Identify the activities in the maintenance organization that typically consume the most resources and offer suggestions to develop systems that will assist in the measurement and control of those areas.

Regulatory Issues– The technical aspects of the maintenance organization cannot be ignored due to their complexity and constantly changing nature. Review the latest and more complex issues involving regulations and their effect on your maintenance organization.